Building a Vibrant Ohio 县, KY

Ohio 县, KY is the 首页 of 蓝草音乐. Bill Monroe founded bluegrass along the shores of our river and this rich music culture can be found in the concerts held at our amphitheater, the 现场音乐 coming out of the Jamboree Barn and at the many shops and restaurants gracing our downtown. The lively atmosphere of Ohio 县 also includes the outdoor amenities that Kentucky is famous for - playing on the river, 徒步旅行, hunting and four-wheeling to name a few. 

We play hard and work hard in Ohio 县, KY. Our workforce is strong, has a high degree of technical capabilities, and is committed. The hardest-working folks are found in Ohio 县, making it easy for local businesses to grow and thrive. +, we have affordable shovel-ready sites, a low cost of doing business and are ideally located along major transportation routes near automotive OEMs. Incentives are also on the table for businesses looking to grow here. OCEDA is at the center of this activity and available to assist the site selectors, 高管, investors and entrepreneurs who are interested in becoming part of our story.